Ravensburger - Now & Then, Cove Manor Echoes Puzzle 2000pc

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What is beautiful and new today, time and neglect will strip away in our Cove Manor Echoes puzzle!

Cove Manor was once a beautiful retreat, but time has ravaged it almost beyond recognition! On the righthand side of this 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle, we glimpse the manor house in its darkest days. Its once-grand facade was cloaked in layers of neglect and decay. Crumbling brickwork and broken windows stood as silent witnesses to the passage of time. Nature's grasp tightened around the manor, as ivy crept up its weathered walls, seemingly reclaiming its territory. But as we shift our gaze to the left-hand side of the puzzle, we see the present day, a vision of resplendence unfolds before us. The manor stands proud and revitalized, bathed in renewed glory. Meticulous restoration efforts have breathed life back into every detail, capturing the essence of its bygone splendour.

Size: 98 x 75cm

Ages: Adults


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